We created devhub as a platform for Canadian developers to
Our Story

The idea of Devhub came about through Lighthouse Labs, where we live and breathe code, education and community while being surrounded by a community of over 500 software developers. This amazing community has taught us that developers learn best when they are surrounded by others who are passionate, driven and intellectually curious. They learn best doing and having the freedom to explore their interests and focus on their skill. They also learn best through community. Devhub was founded to support developers throughout their careers, with the guiding belief that exceptional programmers are lifelong learners, the ones who are always on the lookout for ways to better their craft.

The Problem logo

There are currently a number of amazing platforms that are bringing entrepreneurs together in a shared space and supporting their growth by providing the right resources and mentorship. But what about developers? The scalability of Canada’s technology industry, innovation and talent retention depends on an active developer community, yet, we largely lack the infrastructure to support devs throughout their careers.

The Solution

Devhub: Canada’s first full-out education space for developers of all levels. A place where members can learn, code, and teach, whether they’ve been coding for two decades or eight weeks. It’s a space that connects developers with community, mentorship, and a unique co-working environment, all programmed for their needs and growth.


Functional Imperative is a boutique digital innovation and custom software development company based in Toronto. Our interactive and mobile solutions span across multiple verticals, offering a consultative approach that provides technical solutions to foster business, build capabilities and provide answers for data management. Together with our clients we build extraordinary businesses for the new web.

Eden connects trusted contractors with home owners for on-demand snow removal and lawn care. Through the app, users get quick access to professional home services, while insured contractors get new business opportunities. Eden uses only approved contractors to ensure security, transparency, and fair prices for both home owners and contractors. Born in snowy Canada and quickly expanding, Eden is bringing ease and convenience to home services.

FlipGive is an online fundraising platform that connects shoppers to retailers through the $25 billion school, sports and community fundraising market. We make it easier for people to raise up to 5X more money online and for retailers to drive sales, acquire customers and improve communities by leveraging the convenience of online shopping.

Quartermaster is a web platform for distributing tools and knowledge across an organization, from Day Zero with role-based on-boarding playbooks, tailored to the organization, a Knowledge Centre to introduce tools and processes to new employees and a friendly, accessible user interface.