Our Framework

Just like platforms provide the hardware and the software tools needed to run an application, devhub provides the tools needed for your growth.

For developers by developers

Who should be part of Devhub? Anyone who wants to become a better programmer. Our community is built by a diverse group of smart, intellectually curious and passionate people who love code. Devhub’s focus is not to help startups or entrepreneurs but developers. It is also not a formal program that will help launch your career. The only reasons to join are to code, learn, teach, engage, connect, and be challenged. We fully understand the importance of diversity, especially in our industry. We promise to go above and beyond to make our environment and community inclusive at large.


We strongly believe that developers’ best resource is community. At Devhub you are not a renter, customer, bystander or observer you are an active member, stakeholder and contributor. Devhub will allow you to work & connect to with developers from all spectrums of the tech world. Whether you choose to work out of the space or not, you will be able to connect to 100s of developers.

Co-Working Space

We’ve designed our space with one goal above all else: how to make the best place for people to grow as programmers. You can expect a combination of collaborative co-working space, device labs, standing desks, white boards and most importantly plenty of quiet working areas where you could sit back and code away. We promise not to cheap out on all the usual startup fun so expect superb WIFI, coffee and lots of office dogs.

Programming & Mentorship

The learning at Devhub is unstructured, self-directed and community driven. That’s because we believe that people learn best when they are surrounded by other passionate individuals. All programming including: events, guest talks, workshops and meetups are vetted by a group of senior developers: The commit.ee who are dedicated to putting together the type of events that you actually care about. To see how we are great believers in the power of mentorship, read more about our Developers in Residence program below!

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